Biking Williamsburg & Surrounding Areas

There are so many great places for bike riding in Williamsburg and the surrounding areas that it’s hard to know where to start. There’s the cobblestone streets of historic Colonial Williamsburg, the scenic Colonial Parkway and the tree-lined, plantation-lined Virginia Capital Trail connecting Jamestown to Richmond, just to name a few.

Bike the Burg is a great jumping-off point for several exciting rides, just a few blocks to the historic district and around the corner to Colonial Parkway which takes you to Jamestown, where our country began, or Yorktown, where our independence was won in the final battle of the revolutionary war. Seeing the sights makes history come alive and let’s face it, a bit more interesting for the kiddos.

Colonial Williamsburg  **Accessible from Bike the Burg

Once in the historic district, cars are prohibited so all you have to contend with are horse drawn carriages, ox pulled wagons, and other barnyard animals that may cross your path, mind the poop! Go ice cream hopping (Kilwins, Baskin & Robins) shopping or dine at one of the colonial taverns (Kings Arm, Shields, Chownings, Christiana Campbells) or award-winning restaurants in Merchants Square (The Trellis, Fat Canary, DoG Street Pub). Then set-off to see some history. Tour the Governs Palace or Capital building and a great resource for families is a new program developed by Colonial Williamsburg, Patriots at Play. Patriots at Play is a fun, interactive program where colonial children teach your children all about the games and toys that they played with in the 17th century. Be sure to ask for our favorite Patriot at Play, Taylor Stryker, daughter of Bike the Burg shop owner, Wolt Stryker!

high res map of colonial williamsburg

Colonial Parkway  **Accessible from Bike the Burg

The Colonial Parkway is Virginia at its most beautiful, stretching from the York River to the James River and Bike the Burg is smack in the middle.

The parkway is a three lane, aggregate roadway allowing plenty of space for cars and bikes alike. From Bike the Burg, Yorktown is 10 miles to the right, and Jamestown is 9 miles to the left. Once in Jamestown, there’s another great ride – the Jamestown Island Loop ride. Whether enjoying a long cruise to Yorktown or Jamestown or just sticking closure to Williamsburg there’s plenty to see and explore.

Virginia Capital Trail (9 miles from Bike the Burg)

Construction of the Virginia Capital Trail started in 2008 and was completed in 2015. The trail is 52 miles from Jamestown settlement to Great Shiplock Park in Richmond, Virginia. The ride is beautiful with historic plantations a long the way, several open for tours including Berkley Plantation and Shirley Plantation . The ride is intended for bicyclists of all ages and abilities but keep in mind the distance. It could be a bit tough for younger riders but there are rest rooms along the way and some picnic areas including Dorey Park, Chickahominy Riverfront Park, Herring Creek, Harrison Park, Lawrence Lewis Jr. Park, and Jamestown Settlement.